We’re in search of partners passionate about delivering a better dental experience for kids.

We understand the complexity and burden of running your private practice, working a full clinical schedule, and staying after hours or over the weekend to supervise administrative duties. At Kids Care, we can help you achieve your clinical goals by providing comprehensive administrative support allowing you to focus solely on clinical care.

That’s why we are looking to partner with top-notch doctors who areenthusiastic about providing excellent clinical care and preventive services to kiddos.

Who we are looking for:

Pediatric specialists who want a strategic partner to shoulder the administrative headaches of managing their own practice (let’s face it, nobody picks a career in dental care because they love paperwork)!

  • Doctors who want to be a part of a growing collective of like-minded and philosophically aligned team  members focused on providing care to children in a patient-focused and employee-centric organization.
  • Doctors who may be seeking to retire in the near term or those that are early and mid-career and are seeking  a long-term strategic partner interested to help them further capitalize on the success they have built.

Be rewarded for what you love doing

Our proposition is simple: we team up so that you can focus on your craft without the burdens of managing clinical assets, equipment and administrative work.

Partnering with Kids Care offers you:

  • Professional management – so you can stay focused on your calling: clinical care.
  • An opportunity to sell your practice at an attractive market rate – diversify your wealth.
  • The opportunity to earn ownership in Kids Care and participate in our growth as an organization – including your associate doctors who may not have ownership today.
  • Competitive compensation for ongoing professional services.
  • Attractive benefits for both doctors and their team members (401K, health, dental, vision and medical malpractice insurance).
  • Salary + Benefits – Competitive compensation, plus group health, dental, vision, life/AD&D, and 401(k) savings plan
  • Assets – Immediate value for your practice
  • Immediate Savings – Eliminate overhead costs for practice management, malpractice insurance, and continuing education

Salary and benefits:

KCD&O doctors enjoy highly competitive compensation, which comes with full benefits

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