Reginald Fulford, DDS

Medical Director of Orthodontics

Reginald Fulford, DDS, is an orthodontist and dentofacial orthopedist dedicated to delivering patient-focused care to children, teens and adults.

He is focused on maintaining orthodontic clinical standards and overall performance of the orthodontic doctor group. He plays a key role in doctor mentorship, recruiting, and placement of qualified orthodontists within the company.

Before joining Kids Care, Dr. Fulford successfully operated two private practices in northern California for nearly a decade. Throughout his career he has mentored dental students and general dentists interested in becoming orthodontists. He also published articles related to the science of orthodontics in the World Journal of Orthodontics and Journal of Dental Education.

Dr. Fulford completed advanced orthodontics training at the University of Illinois, an institution renowned for studying childhood growth and development. He enjoys regular workouts, loves to cook, and is an avid skier.